Sam Goraya started his initial Odissi training in 1968 at the tender age of five with his mother Kirpal Kaur Goraya. She taught Sam the basics and the conventional framework of Odissi. 

In 1983 Sam started his advance Odissi training with Padma Shri Madhavi Mudgal at Gandharv Mahavidalaya in India. He acquired thorough understanding and a new prospective on Odissi through Madhavi's structured and methodical approach. She encouraged Sam through out his tenure at Gandharv Mahavidalaya and even after through her teachings of Odissi. Bindu Juneja, Piyali De and Monica Singh contributed immensely to refine Sam's technique and aesthetics that has a huge influence on Sam's current Odissi. 

Sam's involvement and collaboration with Rudrakshya Odissi Foundation that house many "Gotipua" dancers under the guidance of Guru Bichitrananda Swain, pioneered educational productions that are based on concepts of higher consciousness

Sam is a Melbourne based dancer and curator who migrated to Australia in 1992 with a long history of being trained in Indian Classical Dance Odissi, his other qualifications include Bharatnatayam and contemporary art forms. Having worked as a resident artist with the government funded "Bharatam Dance Company"  directed by Dr Chandrabhanu for 11 years, displaying his personal and intimate performance qualities expressing through these dance techniques. 

Sam extensively studied key aspects of Koodiyattam Sanskrit Theatre, an art form that has been recognised by UNESCO and gained valuable understanding of Navarasa under the guidance of eminent Guru Venu G in Kerala. The prime idea is to link each Rasa with the positioning of ones breath in a human body. 

Sam places significant emphases on collaboration among scholars, dancers, choreographers, painters and musicians from Australia, Asia and South America. He is a leader in communities' cross-cultural exchange having worked with various community-based projects including promoting multiculturalism, underprivileged children and artists of India that often unfortunately go without life's basic essentials.

Apart from his four Masters degrees he gained his Ph.D. in the field of Mathematics and Oceanography.