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... is an English fortnightly newspaper established in November 1999. The publication is known for its independence, news analyses and balanced reporting, providing a platform for people of all ethnicities to voice their opinions which conform to normally accepted principles of public decency and morality. 

With a readership of more than 65,000 every fortnight among members of the ‘Extended Indian community,’ including people of Indian, Fijian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Middle East and other parts of the world, Indian Newslink enjoys the largest readership compared to any other Indian newspaper in New Zealand. The Fortnightly is distributed free throughout New Zealand through select Indian retail outlets and offices of companies.

This newspaper is today considered as an important channel of communication among New Zealanders and those living outside through its web edition, which is now updated almost every day. A visit to our website ( would be useful in judging the quality of the publication.

Our Web Edition

Since its launch in 2000, the Indian Newslink Web Edition is known as a significant online resource providing updated information on news and current affairs, business, opinion, community, entertainment, sports and special features. The Web Edition, which is free for all visitors, often carries unabridged but edited versions of original material received from columnists and contributors, with additional pictures and material that are not included in the print edition.

With increasing traffic, averaging 4000 visits a day, the Web Edition is a major source of reading material for our growing readership all over the world.   

The Business Directory

Indian Newslink launched the Indian Newslink Fastfind Indian Business Directory in 2003. This annual publication, released in June/July, is regarded as a treasure house of information of mainly businesses, event management companies and associations of Indian origin. With an index of advertisers and reading material that is relevant for all times, the Directory has become popular for its easy-to-refer information. 

Business Awards

Indian Newslink instituted the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards in 2008 to recognise, reward and celebrate successful businesses based in New Zealand. A Panel of Judges, completely independent of the publication, evaluates the entries received and chooses the finalists and winners in each category. An elaborate set of entry criteria is in place to ensure that deserving businesses are recognised for the Awards.

Governor-General, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and Members of Parliament in New Zealand, Mayor of Auckland, India’s High Commissioner to New Zealand and leading businesspersons and professionals are our guests at the annual Awards Night held in November every year.

Our Awards now comprise thirteen individual categories, the winner from among which qualify for the ‘Supreme Business of the Year’ Award. 

Entries open on March 1 and close on August 31, through our dedicated website ( 

Finalists and winners are announced at the Gala Black Tie Dinner, Entertainment and Awards Presentation Ceremony held every year in November. The event is attended by political and corporate leaders, businesspersons, professionals and community leaders.

Sports Awards


The growing importance of people of Indian origin in various sports encouraged us to launch the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards in 2012. These Awards were the first of its type for the Indian community in New Zealand.

There are a number of individual categories in this Awards Scheme, with the two top winners from which are declared to qualify for the ‘Supreme Sportsman of the Year’ and ‘Supreme Sportswoman of the Year’ Awards. An independent panel of Judges evaluates the entries and decides on the finalists and winners in each category and the winners of the two Supreme Awards.

The encouraging response witnessed at the inaugural Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards has motivated us to make improvements in the ensuing years and include more categories if possible to recognise and reward Indian men and women achievers in various sporting activities.

The Lecture


As a newspaper committed to promoting finer aspects of Community, Corporate, Economic and Social conduct, Indian Newslink has instituted a Lecture to be held as an annual series, principally in Auckland City.

The Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture has been structured as a mark of respect and tribute to Rt Hon Anand Satyanand, who retired as the Governor General of New Zealand after five years in office on August 23, 2011. 

The Lecture features topics of interest to those in governance roles, management professionals and those on the growth path of their career.

Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand, Lady Susan Satyanand, India’s High Commissioner to New Zealand, decision makers, corporate and community leaders including Government officials attend the Lecture to carry the benefits of the Lecture to their professional lives. 

This project is non-political and non-commercial, intended to bring the best of the intellect available to speak at the annual event. We are hopeful that it would grow and progress as an Institution that befits the name with which it is associated.

Embracing Technology

Following the purchase of Indian Newslink by its new owner in June 2015, ‘Indian Newslink Limited’ (which owns all of the above brands) is working to provide added value to advertisers, readers and other stakeholders through improved and improvised use of state-of-the-art technology. Investment in the fast-moving digital technology with smart applications is the key to sustained progress and increasing standards of service delivery. 

Indian Newslink is on its way to an exciting, new phase of innovative and impressive changes and evolution.

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