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The Indian Link Group has embraced technology since starting in 1994 and has developed into one of the leading migrant community media groups in Australia.  Always a step ahead, Indian Link has been on the cutting edge of technology since its birth.  With its most recent innovation, the Indian Link application for Smartphones, its 24/7 radio station has gone global!

Starting the Indian Link Radio was an ambitious project.  Installing a state of the art studio in the Sydney CBD meant soundproofing the walls, lowering ceilings and ensuring building codes were met.  Anchors were given training and technicians hired to supervise and service equipment.  The radio went live to air in June 2002 and started streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the Indian community living in Sydney and Melbourne through specialised radio sets which can pick up the frequency of Indian Link Radio broadcast from the sidebands.  At the time, it was the only 24/7 Indian radio station in Australia – a feat which still continues today.

Pawan and Rajni wanted to reach out not only to the Indian community in Australia but to show the Indian community outside of Australia, that community life here was alive and well.

In 2008, they started streaming the radio live on this website, with over 10,000 hits per month, thousands of more people have access to the programs and talk-back shows on offer and it’s estimated that there are over 25,000 regular listeners to the radio.

The Indian Link app for smartphones and tablets was launched in July 2012 – a free download on iTunes where listeners can tune into their 24/7 radio station from anywhere in the world.  Being a radio station which prides itself on quality content, talkback shows and popular music, Indian Link listeners can call in to take part in on-air discussions.  Callers from USA, Dubai and Europe have all taken part in the show, which allows the Australian-Indian lifestyle to be showcased around the world.

The growth figures of the downloads have been astonishing!  Just six months into its launch, there were already over 7,000 downloads.  With the Indian diaspora worldwide currently estimated at over 30 million, the Australian-developed Application has far-reaching potential.

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