Each human being is a soul that resides in a human body.
A human body is a vehicle that a soul drives. The soul expresses itself through the mind, the intellect and the sanskars. 

Mind, Intellect and Sanskars can be defined as below.

•     MIND: Faculty of creation, where one creates all thoughts, which then stimulates certain feelings and desires.

•     INTELLECT: Faculty of decision-making, which one uses to assess right from wrong, good from bad and then make a decision.

•     SANSKARS (SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND): The impressions made on the soul by any action one does.

These three aspects of the soul work together in a precise and integrated manner. Each faculty affects both the others. Functioning jointly they produce what can be termed as the state of consciousness. Looking at the flow in a clockwise direction, we can see how from the sanskars a thought arises in the mind, which is processed by the intellect. The intellect decides whether to carry it into action or not through the body. If the decision is to act, the experience of that action is recorded in the soul as a sanskar.


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