Purusha is one's true self, pure consciousness and universal principle regarded as eternal and unaffected by external happenings. The word literally means "man."

Prakriti is the unmanifested cosmic energy that is constituted of TRIGUNA - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. 

In the beginning these three gunas were in equilibrium, and prakriti remained unmanifest. But when this unmanifested energy came under the influence of Purusha that produced disequilibrium among the gunas that in turn produced the mental and physical world known as Maya (illusion) or the manifested world that one sees.

Prakriti literally means "creatrix," the female creative energy that is nature in all her aspects.

This performance will commence with an invocatory dance leading into the beginning of the universe.

Then in another dance the male and female energies are shown in complete balance in Ardhanarishwara stotra.

In the second half of the performance a strong male energy will be created through Shiva in Panchakshra Stotra and the finale will create a strong female energy in the form of Mahakali leading into the ultimate moksha.



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