In Tantric traditions, Chakras are focal points for meditation within the human body where a number of nadis or meridians converge. This is where human beings experience emotional and/or spiritual energy. The energy body is an extraordinarily fluid reality like nonphysical and super-sensuous. Chakras in the lower belly, the heart, and the crown of the head are the three places where human all over the world experience both emotional and spiritual phenomena. In Tantras the complete realisation of the Brahman is achieved by six Chakras in their proper order. The main purpose of any Chakra system is the installation of mantras and deity-energies at specific points of the subtle body.

‘Mystery of Chakras’ uses an ancient Indian classical dance form Odissi and will present a dance creation entertainingly explaining the highly complex internal subtle non-physical functions of a human body using six-chakra system of Tanstrism. Australian and Indian artists collaborate to present centuries old Indian Tantric traditions and ancient Odissi dance that have deep-seated connections in Indian culture. In contemporary life as well, it is integral and embedded in the consciousness of Indian psyche. This project is intended as a physical cultural exchange and sharing of these central tenants of Indian life with Australian & New Zealand audience.

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