Testimony of Dr Mona K.  

MOVESOME is the brainchild of Dr Sam Goraya which incorporates movements from Ashtanga Yoga and classical Indian dance.  

Sam utilises his conceptual knowledge of Mathematics (having a PhD in Mathematics and Oceanography), his long-term experience as a classical Odissi dancer and teacher, his amazing wisdom and innate intelligence to create a wholistic movement programme for the everyday person.  

MOVESOME aims to activate “forgotten” muscles, strengthen muscles, joints and tendons through resistance and core work and heal the body and its organs on a background of breath work that enhances the effect of the movements and prevent injury.  

Personally, I am so grateful to Sam for giving me the courage and confidence to move and strengthen my body as I had not pursued any formal exercise since an injury to my lower back in early 2019. I spent most of 2019 having acupuncture and physiotherapy treatment and despite getting better, was fearful to bend or lift, let alone to return to Kundalini Yoga and classical Odissi dance.   

After starting MOVESOME, I am able to perform certain movements that I could not before making me feel stronger and more confident. Sam has a gentle but firm approach and is very intuitive and attentive about what is needed for each individual.  

In my line of work as an Integrative GP, I come across many patients with ageing, metabolic and musculoskeletal issues. MOVESOME would be an ideal addition to dietary and lifestyle measures to help prevent chronic diseases and improve quality of life. 


Testimony of Georgie P.

Recently I made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle and place some focus on myself and the result has been significant by way of both mental and physical health. I’m continuously looking for new challenges and variety to health and wellbeing for a holistic approach to life. Movesome has allowed me to participate in gentle but very effective body movements that strengthens postures and muscles that after years of neglect as an adult. 

I find that with Sam’s wealth of knowledge and experience in body movement, the benefits to me have been evident through an improvement in my flexibility and more relaxed in those stubborn area’s such as; neck, shoulders and knees. I would encourage anyone of any age or physical ability to take time for themselves and reek the benefits of movement and Sam’s expertise. 


Testimony of Sonya O.

Likewise, with various hardworking individuals, life can be extremely fast and challenging - especially when juggling between my family, professional and social life. It is straining being on my feet for long periods of time and spending long durations looking down the microscope and looking down at patient’s skin cancers. As a result, I often have a very stiff neck and shoulders by the end of the week. On top of that, with my previous gym injuries I have been told that I’m required to have a left Knee replacement by 4 orthopaedic surgeons .  

 As a result I’ve reduced my daily exercising and have been routinely seeing a physiotherapist at Kieser. Sam informed me of the classes mentioned about his recentring class and reassured me of it will be gentle movements and will help me improve my flexibility and endurance. I was initially worried about the inability to sit on the floor crossed legged for a long duration due to my knee issue and inflexibility. 

But after the first three sessions I was in disbelief - I would sit on the floor and my whole body felt so much more relaxed (It felt equivalent for me as getting a massage)! My neck, shoulder, legs and arms felt so relaxed. It has been almost 2 months since ive been participating in “Movesome” class and I have more flexibility and less pain in my knee that required a replacement!  These classes have given me better results than Kieser!  

I recommend Sam’s MOVESOME classes as it focuses on breathing correctly, stretching, anatomy and philosophy. It has taught me to re-connect to my body, calmed my mind, de-stressing from everyday life. On top of this, It has given me some Me-time and has made me take a break from the everyday stresses in my life and I now have re focussed my energy back towards nurturing and caring for myself. 


Testimony of Judy 

Hi Sam, I just want to tell you how your sessions have been so beneficial to me. I was having an acute episode of supragastric belching. It was very debilitating for me. After two full weeks of breathing exercises with your sessions, my health (life!) is so improved! I can’t thank you enough 🙏🙏🙏 


Testimony of Mira M.

I am a Senior and a part of the MOVESOME Project (practice/yoga). The holistic  approach to the body mind and soul offered by our Guru Sam is helping us to get more movement in our joints get rid of joint pain and to get more muscles moving. The exercises (yoga) help to shape the body, get better digestion and enhance sleep patterns. Moreover, meditative mudras help to keep the mind and soul peaceful and calm. I offer my thanks to MOVESOME for an overhaul of my body and mind. Thank you” 


Testimony of Preeti J.

For years I have neglected my health due to competing priorities until I had the opportunity to join Movesome with Sam last month.  This was simply the best thing I did for myself this year. The sessions have reunited me to my old flexible body and helped with pain management to a large extent. I have always lived with aches and pains but after every session with Sam I feel energised and de stressed, my muscles relax and my mind rejuvenates. I have not missed a single session so far and they have become an integral part of my life in lockdown. I cannot thank Sam enough for being a very patient, organised and effective guide. His technique and instructions are on point and his generosity of spirit is remarkable. The benefit of these sessions goes far beyond calorie burn, they boost my health and well-being. 


Testimony of Vandana R.

MOVESOME - Fabulous yoga stretches by Sam! Sam is a highly experienced and successful Odissi dancer, having learnt from the age of 5! He incorporates yoga as part of his dance routine and is eager to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise, to improve the health and well-being of others. With every exercise, Sam provides a brief explanation about the area being targeted, the importance of the muscles and a reminder about breathing techniques, to maximise the benefits of the exercise! Personally, the classes are helping to improve my sleeping patterns, flexibility of various muscles, creating calmness of mind, focus and discipline. Thank you, dearest Sam, for your amazing work... My mind & body feel rejuvenated at the end of every session! I look forward to continued learning and development from you! 


Testimony by Neelam B.

I joined Movesome in lockdown for something to do. I have been pleasantly surprised how the ache in my shoulder and knee have responded to Sam’s stretches. My flexibility has improved as well, couldn’t touch the floor easily before! This will remain as part of my weekly routine.


Testimony of Dr Mala D.

I have been participating in Sam’s Movesome classes since the beginning and despite my busy work schedule am now a part time regular attender! Sam’s positive vibe, knowledge, flexibility and fitness are an inspiration to me and all those that participate in his sessions. No matter how crazy a day I have had at work, or how tired and stressed I feel, after a session with Sam, I feel relaxed, energised and revitalised. Being a dentist for many years, my operating posture at work has contributed to me suffering from chronic back and neck pain. Sam’s Movesome classes have not only helped stretch and strengthen my body core and tissues, they have helped improve my overall wellbeing. Thanks, so much Sam for your energy and enthusiasm, your Movesome sessions are awe-Sam!